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CSA Sign Ups are CLOSED for the SEASON!

Why join our CSA?

CSA's have become a popular way for communities to support local farmers, hence the name: Community Supported Agriculture.  There are many different CSA models.  At Sep's, our CSA members buy their share in advance of the growing season.  This upfront investment provides early revenue for the farm, helping us to buy seeds and pay employees in our slower months.  We are grateful for our members trust and support and show our appreciation for your investment by providing you with more than you paid for each week.  For example, a large share is $25 per week, each week will get $25.50-$27 worth of produce.  

Sep's 2022 CSA's are offered for pick up in East Marion and Shelter Island. 

East Marion CSA Members will be able to pick their own produce from the farm stand each week.  Early in the week members will receive a CSA menu.  The menu will outline the produce choices for that week. Click here to view a share menu from 2020.  Members will be able to come to the farm stand any time it is open to pick up their share.  

Shelter Island CSA Members will have pre-packed shares.  We realize that there are just some veggies people do not like.  Therefore, when you sign up, you'll be able to identify up to 3 items that you just never want included. We will happily substitute you with something of a comparable price so that you're still getting more than you paid for! Click here to view a share list from 2020. 

CSA Sizes and Season Length

Members can choose to buy a Small or Large share size for either 10 or 14 weeks. 

A large share is good for about 4 people, or 2 veggie lovers. 

A small share is good for about 2 people, or 1 veggie lover. 

The Long Summer season will run 14 weeks: Week of June 1st-September 4th

The Short Summer season will run 10 weeks: Week of July 1st-September 4th 

We are not offering a Full 20 Week CSA share at this time. We will reassess in mid-summer and invite members to add on fall weeks if we feel it is something we have the capacity to fulfill. 

How the East Marion Pick Your Own (PYO) CSA Works 

  • PYO CSAs are available for pick up any time the farm stand is open after you receive the weekly email.

  • PYO menus will be sent out weekly (Monday/Tuesday). A copy MAY be available at the stand however it is best to bring your own.

  • Choose items from each menu area, visit the check out to be checked off and ring up any additional items. 

  • Repeat each week for the length of share you've chosen.

  • CSA members regularly receive produce valued at more than their weekly share cost.  This is intentional, and our way of saying, "Thank you!" for investing in our farm. 


  • We encourage members to choose items from each area on the menu card. Occasional substitutions are ok if we have items in stock. 

  • High value item such as berries often sell out quickly so we encourage members to come early if those items are a priority. We are unable to hold items because there is so much flexibility in when members can come get their shares.

  • Items such as eggs, fruit, prepared foods, and retail items may not be used to substitute other items, but may be offered as a menu option.  

How the Pre-packed (PP) CSA Works

  • PP CSA bags will be packed and delivered to Shelter Island on Thursdays. 

  • PP CSA bags will be ready for pick up at our Shelter Island location between 3:30pm-6pm.

  • PP CSA members will also receive an email each week (Monday/Tuesday) with the weekly menu.

  • If you cannot pick up your share it will be donated unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Share Prices Include any Service/Packing/Delivery fees. 



East Marion Large Long-Summer Share is $360 (USD) 

East Marion Small Long-Summer Share is $220 (USD)  


East Marion Large Short-Summer Share is $260 (USD) 

East Marion Small Short-Summer Share is $160 (USD)  


Shelter Island Large Long-Summer Share is $453 (USD) 

Shelter Island Small Long-Summer Share is $313 (USD)  


Shelter Island Large Short-Summer Share is $325 (USD) 

Shelter Island Small Short-Summer Share is $225 (USD)  

A few notes about our CSA...

We work hard to ensure that you get more than you pay for when you become a CSA member. We are really appreciative of our community's investment in our farm.  Early on your CSA share may match the retail value paid, however as the season progresses, the weekly share retail value will increase at no extra cost to members.


Our family has been farming for generations and are really good at what we do.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that CSA members receive at least the minimum retail value of their CSA purchase. There is an element of shared risk when joining a CSA.  If an event out of our control damages the produce, CSA members may see this reflected in altered options for their weekly pick ups. If a catastrophic event were to damage many/all crops, there is the possibility that members would receive less than the value of their share. While possible, this is a highly unlikely scenario. We have consistently worked to avoid such events by implementing good farming practices while we grown and harvest fresh local produce for our customers.  We are in this together with our community. The ultimate measure of our success is the quality of the product we provide and the relationships we build with our customers. For more information on CSAs the following website is a great resource: 

CSA Pick Up Location and Times 

  • Sep’s Farm Stand, 7395 Main Rd., East Marion 

    • East Marion members may pick up CSA shares any time the farm stand is open. ​

    • If you cannot pick up your share we ask that you have a friend or family member come instead. Doubling up the next week is not preferred. 

  • Shelter Island location TBD (Likely White Oak Farm again) 

    • Shelter Island members may pick up CSA shares between 3:30-6pm.

    • If you cannot pick up your share we ask that you have a friend or family member come instead. Doubling up the next week is not preferred. ​​

  • Members may send a friend or family member for their share if desired. 

  • We have a lot of moving parts and ask that if you cannot pick up your share you let us know well in advance or arrange for the share to be collected by someone on your behalf. 

CSA Sign Up

  1. Navigate to Sep’s Shop, click here!

  2. Choose a share size and season length

  3. Enter your payment information.

  4. You will receive a welcome email confirming your payment. CSA updates will be sent as the start nears.


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