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Sep's Farm in the News

Articles mentioning Sep's Farm:

Create TV NY/LI Channel 133, George Hirsch Lifestyle 

"Aww Shucks" Episode, Aired April 27, 2020; 6:30pm/8:30pm and April 28, 2020; 12am

Felicia Lolomia, North Forker, 4/12/2020

Vera Chinese, North Forker Editor, 6/15/17


News 12 Long Island, 6/6/2017:

Vera Chinese, North Forker Editor, 2/26/2017:

Matthew Simko North Fork Review, 11/21/2016:’s-North-Fork

Boston Based Food and Lifestyle Blogger Review of North Fork Adventures, 11/17/2016:

Hampton's Party Girl, 10/21/2016:

George Hirsch's Sunday Supper On Sep's Farm Will Benefit Cormaria, 10/17/2016:​

Southern New England Living Review, 7/14/2016:

Arielle Ferrara of American Beech: Chef Profile; The North Forker, 3/25/2016:

Today Show, 5/19/2015:

Go North Fork, 3/4/2015:

What to Do in Greenport Village:


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