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  • Orders must be placed by Wednesday.

  • Orders will be prepared for Saturday pick up.

  • Orders may be picked up between 10am and 2pm at Sep's Farm, 7395 Main Rd. East Marion, NY.

  • All orders are FINAL. If you would like additional items you must place another order in a separate email. Do not use an old email thread to add items we will not see it and we want to make sure you get what you order!

  • Please bring your own bag to retrieve your groceries and be prepared to keep beef, eggs, and oysters cold until you get home!


How to Order: 

  1. Review the list of available items below.  

  2. Write an email to with a subject line that is your FIRST & LAST name & DATE. (ex: Jane Smith, May 12)  

  3. Include ALL items that you would like to purchase a single email. 

  4. Send your email Wednesday evening.

  5. We will do our best to fulfill your order. It is possible that some items may become unavailable due to demand. 

  6. You will receive an email on Friday that will include your final total and a Pay Now link. 

  7. Use the Pay Now link to purchase your items BEFORE you come to pick them up. If you have any issues with payment, please email 

  8. Come by the farm 7395 Main Rd., East Marion between 10am and 2pm on Saturday. Bring your own bag.  

  9. SERVICE AGREEMENT: Please note that by emailing us your order you are agreeing to the terms of this service, that you understand orders will be fulfilled to the best of our ability. We will let you know your final total in an email. Pay prior to picking up your items. 


North Fork Egg Farm

These farm fresh, pasture raised eggs are produced on the NoFo Egg Farm's self-sustaining farm in Southold.  

Locally Raised Eggs $8.50 per dozen

Peconic Pearl Oysters

Peconic Pearls are a deep cup oyster grown in Southold Bay with the signature sweetness and delicate brine typical to the Peconic Estuary.  Five Cents from every oyster Peconic Pearl goes to research and education projects that benefit the health of the Peconic Estuary.  

Peconic Pearl Oysters $15 per dozen

Please Note: Each oyster order is freshly harvested and delivered on Saturday!  


Sep's Farm Produce

Radishes $3 per bunch

Baby Lettuce $3 per bag

Cilantro $3 per bunch

Long Island Grown:

We plan to have both of these items this week if the weather allows. If you would like either, please include them when you order and I will let you know if we can fulfill your wishes!

Long Island Grown Asparagus $6 per bunch

Long Island Grown Rhubarb $4 bunch

Satur Farm Vegetables

Satur Farms was started on the North Fork and has grown to provide fresh produce year round. 

Baby Spinach 5oz Clam Shell $3.49

Wild Arugula 5oz Clam Shell $3.49

Arugula 5oz Clam Shell $3.49

(Baby Round Flat Leaves) 

Spicy Asian Greens 5 oz Clam Shell $3.49

(Mix of Mizuna, Frilly Red Mustard, Tat Soi, Wild Arugula, Baby Spinach) 

Energy Greens 5oz Clam Shell $3.49

(Mix of Kale, Chard, Bok Choi, Mustards) 

Green Beans 16oz Clam Shell $3.49

Breakfast Radishes $3 per bunch 

Vidalia Onions $1.50 per pound

Acabonac Beef

Acabonac Beef is 100% grass-fed and locally pasture finished in Long Island.  

Ground Beef 16oz $8.58

Burger Patties 2 6oz $6.92 

NY Strip Steak 16oz $30.42

Sirloin Tip Steak 16oz $13.88

Flank Steak 20oz $35.30

Short Ribs 32oz  $23.40

Rib Eye (Bone In) Steak 16oz Sold Out

Fajita Steak Strips 16oz $11.93

Sep's Simply Jarred Items

All Sep's Simply Items are made primarily with products grown and harvested on our farm. We captured the best flavors of our favorite items. 


Apple Rhubarb Sauce 8oz $12 

(apples, rhubarb)

Bruschetta 8oz $12

Dilly Beans 16oz $12

Spicy Dilly Beans 16oz $12

Eggplant Tapenade 8oz Sold Out

(roasted eggplant, shallots, garlic, spices)

Mediterranean Gold Sauce 8oz $12

(golden tomatoes, capers, olives, celery, spices)

Pickled Mouse Melons 8oz $12

(tiny cucumbers, pickled)

Pickled Peppers 16oz $12

Roasted Tomatoes 10oz $12

Sep's Red Relish 12oz $12

(sweet beets, red peppers, horseradish, spices)

Sep's Corn Relish 16oz $12

(corn, cabbage, red pepper, brine, spices)

Red Tomato Juice 10oz $8

Sunny Tomato Juice 10oz $8

Stewed Plum Tomatoes 16oz $10

Warmed Gold 16oz $12

(stewed golden tomatoes with jalapeño)

The Ferm, Fermented Foods

Fermented Farm Goods is located in the North Fork and works with local farmers to produce, "cultured products for cultured people". 

Kombucha- Ginger 16oz $7.50 

Kombucha- Pomegranate Orange Lime 16oz $7.50


Vegan Kimchi 16oz $12

Oyster Kimchi 16oz $15

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut 16oz $10

Turmeric Sauerkraut 16oz $10

Traditional Sauerkraut 16oz $10

Jalapeno Sauerkraut 16oz $10


Created with organic or wild-crafted ingredients this elixir is pesticide free and 100% non-toxic.  

Eldeberry Elixer-Immune Booster 8oz $25

Backyard Brine Pickles

Backyard Brine is a family owned business that specializes in making all natural pickled products. 

We Go Together Like... Bread and Butter Pickles 16oz $8.50

Sweet Heat- Spicy Bread and Butter Pickles 16oz $8.50

Jalapeno Dill- Spicy Dill Pickles 16oz $8.50

North Fork Potato Chips

The North Fork Potato Chip company has a long farming heritage on the North Fork. They grow the potatoes they use to make these delicious, crunchy chips. It doesn't get more North Fork local than this!

All flavors are available in small 2oz ($2) or large 6oz ($4) bags. 

Please specify what size you want in your order.




Sweet Potato



Shade Tree Nursery 

Shade Tree Nursery and North Breeze Farm produces their honey from the bees raised in their own hives.  

Honey 4oz $8

Honey 8oz $16

3 Mom's Organic Tick Wise

This chemical-free tick and mosquito repellent has been proven effective at repelling ticks and mosquitos for up to 2 hours in national testing facilities. It is locally produced in East Hampton and was designed by mom's who knew that protecting their families from ticks, also meant finding safe a product.  So, they made one themselves. 

Tick Wise Spray 4oz $11.99

Tick Wise Spray 8oz $16.99

Peconic River Soap Company

This local soap company was born out of a need for gentle and safe soap products.  Nikki's creative flavors are a delight to use. Our personal favorite is the Dirty Hands Soap containing Sep's Carrot juice and a gentle pumice that really gets the dirt out!



Dirty Hands Bar Soap $6

Corey Creek Cleansing Bar Soap $8

Pine Barrens Bar Soap $8

Mattituck Man Bar Soap $8

Cinnamon Apple Cider Bar Soap $8

Laurel Lemon Bar Soap $8

North Fork Sunrise Bar Soap $8

Kayla's Kawfee Bar Soap $8

Southold Summer Bar Soap $8

Baby Gavin's Gold Bar Soap $8

Grandma Roses Garden Bar Soap $8


Lavender and Chamomile Milk Bath $12

Southold Summer Milk Bath $12

Cafe au Lait Milk Bath $12


Lavender and Chamomile Bath Bomb $6

Sound Avenue Sage Bath Bomb $6

Grandma Roses Garden Bath Bomb $6

Southold Summer Bath Bomb $6


Lavender Scrub Reusable Mason Jar Bag $6

Java Scrub Mason Jar Bag $6

Peconic Working Man Scrub $10


Squarewood Forrest Travel Tin $6

Shelter Island Travel Tin $6

Bayview Bristles Travel Tin $6

Pine Barrens Travel Tin $6

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