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Shelter Island CSA Options

For over 25 years we have had a farm stand by Bob's Fish Market.  We are currently looking for another location to host our Farm Stand. We are offering CSAs to Shelter Island residents whether or not we find another walk up farm stand location this season. I hope to have updates about this soon!


We are offering our Pre-Packed CSA option for Shelter Islanders. See below to learn more about the pre-packed CSA.  Shares will be delivered to the island each Thursday afternoon June 17th through October 28th. Members will be able to pick up shares between 3:30-6:30pm at White Oak Farms Farm Stand.  Need additional items: burgers, milk, eggs, an extra melon? CSA members can order additional groceries as needed. Grocery orders will be filled and invoiced through email an include no additional packing/delivery fees for CSA members. 


If you want a CSA but this pick up time DOES NOT work for you, please contact Brenna at  

The Pre-Packed CSA Model: 

Each week you will receive a list of items that will be in your share. Click here to see an example from 2020. We realize that there are just some veggies people don't like. No hard feelings!  When you sign up for this CSA, you'll be able to identify up to 3 items that you never want included in your share. We will happily substitute you with something of a comparable price so that you're still getting more than you paid for! Here's how it works: 

  • PP CSA shares will be packed on Thursday morning with produce picked Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. 

  • PP CSA shares will be ready for pick up Thursday afternoon between 3:30pm-6:30pm. 

  • PP CSA members will also receive an email each week (Monday/Tuesday) with recipes and farm updates. 

  • Pop into the pick up location any time between 3:30pm-6:30pm to get your share.  

  • Members will pay a $10 weekly packing and delivery (think shipping/handling) fee.*

    • Facilitating the CSA requires additional staffing and materials. The packing/delivery fee makes this service sustainable. 

CSA Sizes and Season Length

Members can choose to buy a Large or Small share size. There are three season lengths: Full, Long-Summer, and Summer. 

A large share is good for about 4 people, or 2 veggie lovers. 

A small share is good for about 2 people, or 1 veggie lover. 

The Full season will run 20 weeks: Week of June 15th-October 28th

The Long-Summer season will run 12 weeks: Week of June 17- September 2nd 

The Summer season will run 10 weeks: July 1st-September 2nd

Full Season Large Share: $700 (USD) valued at a minimum of $25 retail/week includes $10 packing/delivery fee

Full Season Small Share: $500 (USD) valued at a minimum of $15 retail/week includes $10 packing/delivery fee

Long-Summer Large Share: $420 valued at a minimum of $25 retail/week includes $10 packing/delivery fee

Long-Summer Small Share: $300 valued at a minimum of $15 retail/week includes $10 packaging/delivery fee

Summer Season Large Share: $350 (USD) valued at a minimum of $25 retail/week includes $10 packing/delivery fee

Summer Season Small Share: $250 (USD) valued at a minimum of $15 retail/week includes $10 packing/delivery fee

A few notes about our CSA...

We work hard to ensure that you get more produce than you pay for when you become a CSA member. We are really appreciative of our community's investment in our farm.  Early on your CSA share may match the retail value paid, however as the season progresses, the weekly share will increase in retail value (typically 5-10% weekly) at no extra cost to members. 


Our family has been farming for generations and are really good at what we do.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that CSA members receive at least the minimum retail value of their CSA purchase. There is an element of shared risk when joining a CSA.  If an event out of our control damages the produce, CSA members may see this reflected in altered options for their weekly pick ups. If a catastrophic event were to damage many/all crops, there is the possibility that members would receive less than the value of their share. While possible, this is a highly unlikely scenario. We have consistently worked to avoid such events by implementing good farming practices while we produce the freshest local produce for our customers.  We are in this together with our community. The ultimate measure of our success is the quality of the product we provide and the relationships we build with our customers. For more information on CSAs the following website is a great resource: 

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