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Sep's Farm CSA 

Sep’s Farm started our CSA program in 2017 and we are excited to continue with it this season.  The first day of our CSA pickup will be Thursday, June 27th.  Members can pick up weekly Thursday-Sunday during regular farm stand hours.  Additionally, Sep's has partnered with Acabonac Farms to offer a Beef CSA share.  Beef shares will be sold separately from Sep's Vegetable CSA shares.  See below for more details. 

The CSA will run for 10 weeks from June 27th through September 1st.  CSA members will enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as prepared foods, every week throughout the CSA season. 

Members can choose to buy a Small (good for 2 people) or Large (good for 4 people) CSA Share, depending on their needs. Sep’s CSA is a “Market Style CSA” which means that as a member, you will have the ability to choose from a menu of items off of each week's punch card. 

How the CSA Works

Here is an outline of what to expect.  

  • CSA pick ups are available Thursday through Sunday during regular farm stand hours. 

  • Pick a day/time that suits your schedule and head on over to the farm stand. 

  • Pick up your weekly punch card to find out what delicious produce you will get to choose this week from the card's menu of fruits, vegetables and prepared goods. 

  • Select the items you would like. 

  • If you need or want additional items this is the perfect time to pick them up. 

  • Head to the cashier who will check your CSA card and ring up any additional items. 

  • Repeat each week all summer. 

  • CSA members regularly receive produce valued at more than their weekly share cost.  This is intentional, and our way of saying, "Thank you!" for investing in our farm. 



  • We encourage members to choose items from each area on the menu card. Occasional substitutions are ok if we have items in stock. 

  • Items such as eggs, fruit, and prepared foods may not be used to substitute other items.  


Share Prices and Value

A Large Share is $250 (USD) and is valued at a minimum of $25 retail per week.  

A Small Share is $150 (USD) and is valued at a minimum of $15 per week. 

Prorated CSA Shares are available if you sign up after the first week. 

Early in the season the CSA share will likely be worth the same or close to the weekly retail value however, as the season progresses, the weekly share will increase in retail value at no extra cost to members. Our family has been farming for generations and are really good at what we do.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that CSA members receive at least the minimum retail value of their CSA purchase. There is an element of shared risk when joining a CSA.  If an event out of our control damages the produce CSA members may see this reflected in altered options for their weekly pick ups. If a catastrophic event were to damage many/all crops, there is the possibility that members would receive less than the value of their share. While possible, this is a highly unlikely scenario. We have consistently worked to avoid such events by implementing good farming practices while we produce the freshest local produce for our customers.  We are in this together with our community. The ultimate measure of our success is the quality of product provided and the relationships we build with our customers. For more information on CSAs the following website is a great resource: 

CSA Pick Up Location and Times 

  • Sep’s Farm Stand, 7395 Main Rd., East Marion 

  • Sep's Farm Stand, 87 North Rd., Shelter Island

  • Thursday through Sunday 

  • Members may send a friend or family member for their share if desired. 

  • Can't pick up your share? Send an email, text or phone call in advance and we will honor a double pick up the following week. 

Acabonac Farms Beef CSA Shares: We will offer Beef CSA shares through Acabonac Farms. Check back for details shortly!


CSA Sign Up!

There are three ways that you can sign up for a CSA share. 

  1. Sep’s Online Store

    1. Navigate to Sep’s Online Store at

    2. Choose a share size

    3. Enter your payment information.

    4. You will receive a welcome email confirming your payment and CSA pickup information.

  2. Through the mail

    1. Print and complete a CSA Member Sign Up form from the website at

    2. Mail the form and a check made out to “Sep’s Family Farm” to the Sep’s Farm address on the form.

    3. You will receive a welcome email confirming your payment and CSA pickup information.

  3. In Person

    1. Print and complete a CSA Member Sign Up form from the website at

    2. Bring the form and cash or a check to the Sep’s Farm Stand during business hours.

    3. You will receive a welcome email confirming your payment and CSA pickup information. 

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